Everything is

I’ll admit that, going in, I was a little dubious that I would get anything out of the experience. The premise of the evening was an experiment to see if past experiences with Ayahuasca could be recreated using hypnotism. The woo woo factor appealed to me but I have never partaken of a real Ayahuasca ceremony. So, in attending, I didn’t really expect much sensation or transformation.

I was pleasantly surprised with more subtle results.


Merry Christmas

You don't have to be a bible-thumping Christian to share warm feelings about this holiday. Similarly, you don't have to be an atheist to revere the mystical aspects of science and mathematics. Most Christians I know are not superstitious; their religious feelings stem from awe of the mystery of our existence, a shared mythology that provides learning and community, and a sense of goodness and compassion. God, Jesus and the stories of the bible are alive in the heart they humbly share with others in their church and, if they are true to the teachings, with everyone else walking this path - believer or not.


Everything is

I am starved for spirit. Although they occasionally fill me with awe, neither religion nor science inspires me with deep purpose and meaning. I worry that this is a widespread malaise, an existential depression infecting too many people in a world where consumerism spills in too easily to fill the void. Personally, I'm not inspired by money or power so the material world is a kind of hell to me. And, like most people, I'm afraid my lack of deep spiritual purpose inhibits me in making necessary sacrifices on behalf of the environment. Or on behalf of starving children. Or on behalf of human rights. Or on behalf of getting a job.

Who are you?

I guess it’s time that I mustered some courage and confessed that I’m a solipsist. That is, I believe the multiple worlds theory is real and there is no one universal reality. Nevertheless, I live “as if”. That is, as if there is only one shared reality - just because it’s easier. The problem with a solipsist world view is that it is incredibly unwieldy and it’s impossible to apply any sort of metrics to it.

Grand Heart Blown 3

Our world is a fractal creation and yet I doubt that you’ll ever find a perfect fractal anywhere in nature. Let’s face it, while everything - including clouds, rivers and organisms - may start out following the rules of fractal formation, they are immediately subjected to the forces of nature and time. The perfect symmetry of every fractal essence is broken by the winds of change.

You can probably guess that I'm inspired by the sacred geometry of fractal heart trees. While reading and writing about corporate innovation, I have learned how hungry many people are for some kind of unified vision that can motivate us to work together more effectively for a better future - no matter what religion or political leaning.

It doesn't look so bad in this picture but a video would show my framed pictures flying out at a 45 degree angle. And this was on Friday; on Saturday it was wind AND rain.

John Visser, the wonderful landscape artist, is seen on the right side. It looks like he's just leaning on his tent pole but he is actually holding it down.