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I guess it’s time that I mustered some courage and confessed that I’m a solipsist. That is, I believe the multiple worlds theory is real and there is no one universal reality. Nevertheless, I live “as if”. That is, as if there is only one shared reality - just because it’s easier. The problem with a solipsist world view is that it is incredibly unwieldy and it’s impossible to apply any sort of metrics to it.

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But that is exactly why I think fractals are such an important idea: they offer a framework for imposing some sort of order on something that has no inherent order other than that which you bring to it. But in this abstract world of heuristic constructs, it begs the question: who is the “you” that is imposing order?


The thinking starts with “now”. Who am I now? Where am I now? What am I experiencing now?  It starts with “now” because that is the only thing that comes close to being absolutely real. Everything in my past becomes as increasingly unsure as the reliability of memory. Everything in my future becomes increasingly unsure as complexity and the Butterfly Effect kick in.


Even so, as dangerous as this may be to my sanity, this worldview seems more healthy for the “as if” world I live in than one where so-called common sense and the hubris of normal thinking are given free rein.


No, this is not thought out completely or well but that’s what I’m trying to do with Heart Trees. While I’m trying to generate some attractive and interesting artwork that I can sell, I am also trying to develop a kind of semiotics for systemic change - symbols, icons and maps that people can share for inspiration in the face of the wicked challenges we face as a civilization.